The History of Ecstatic Dance

In the year 2000, Bodhitara – inspired by Vin Marti’s Soul Motion – was dancing religiously on Sunday Mornings and making fresh mix tapes each week.  As music and technology advanced, new sounds continued to evolve, and it was Max Fathom who brought dance to the next level at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii.  

Fathom was already familiar with Gabrielle Roth’s wonderfully complete 5 Rhythms. Yet on his way to Hawaii, he fell in love with the newly conceived electronic music which was blossoming on the west coast of the United States. The music induced states of being he experienced at the Burning Man festival in Nevada made a lasting impression. 

The dance floor is a non-verbal space.

At Ecstatic Dance, we join to create a safe and sacred space for dancing. The absence of talking on the dance floor allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, hearts and souls. We leave behind both the words and worries of the day and connect with our spirits and one another through new avenues. It has been created to serve as a safe container, whether we’re dancing alone, or with others. 

Basic Guidelines:

  • We are dancing barefoot. 
  • There is no talking on the dance floor.
  • This is a drug-free, smoke-free and alcohol-free environment.
  • No cellphones, photos & videos to keeping us present into the dance. ( keep cellphones in the side for these 2 hours and enjoy )
  • Remember, we’re dancing to feel good, not to look good.
  • No judgement. We are all on our own personal journeys. Move your body however you wish.
  • Have awareness of the space around you and respect the boundaries of others.
  • You can dance alone, or with as many partners as you’d like. (If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them for the offer by placing your hands in prayer position at your heart – Namaste.)

Ecstatic Dance is a community gathering that encourages freedom and expression through dance. Join us and experience a safe and inspiring space to dance without talking, alcohol consumption or the general nightclub vibe. This is about self-expression, freeing your body and mind, and connecting with yourself and those around you. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us to maintain awareness. Amazing music helps us to keep it all about dance!

Ecstatic Dance empowers people from all walks of life to freely express themselves, regardless of shape, size or background. The liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance, while the fearlessness with which people move gives newcomers the courage to dance without inhibition.