Ecstatic Dance Thessaloniki

Ecstatic Dance at Thessaloniki w/ Mridu

The event is finished.


Dec 23 2019 - Jan 18 2020


8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Roi Space
Kalamaria, Thessaloniki


  • Mridu
    Founder of Ecstatic Radiance

    Mridu was born in Greece; as he grew up, he became a Dj & web designer. In 2007 he discovered Meditation, Osho & Alternative Therapies and decided to change his life. He fell in love with the conscious way of living and working with people.

    He is the founder of Ecstatic Dance Radiance; he calls his version of Ecstatic Dance “FSTU Resilient Movement”, a compilation of FSTU Heart Guided meditation that transitions into slow movement and flow into an Ecstatic Dance Session.

    He is a Mentor & Trainer of (FSTU) From Separation To Unity – Heart Consciousness Evolution, a healing system that arose intuitively and aligns with the latest scientific research into Heart Consciousness.All his work effort comes down to a single line of using different modalities as a vehicle to open the body/mind and access deeper spaces of consciousness, joy, presence & healing. A vision & a way to transform the individual conditioned human into a holistic, conscious being.

    He has been trained in Osho Meditative Therapies ( Mystic Rose, No Mind, Born Again ), Existential Tantra, Biodynamic Breathwork BBTRS, Osho Active Meditations, Sound Healing, and he is a Reiki Master.

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