(FSTU) From Separation To Unity Facilitators Training

Let’s take part in activating the heart of humanity!

This unique FSTU Practitioner Training Programme starts with you. Your unique experience in this profound journey of remembrance, heart-healing and transformation provides the best foundation for inspiring and supporting others, Now, when our world needs this more than ever. This training is designed to create and develop trust & confidence in your intuition and facilitate access to higher intelligence.

This Training is Facilitated by Kaifi, Mridu & Ecstatic Radiance Team are part of the Mentoring Team. This is training suitable for everyone who wants to facilitate healing work and circles on all levels including Ecstatic Dance Sessions.

Learn more about (FSTU) From Separation To Unity Practitioner Training: https://www.fromseparationtounity.com/course/training-from-separation-to-unity/

P.S. This Training does not include DJ and mixing skills and techniques, soon FSTU & Ecstatic Radiance will lunch the other training to cover this topic.

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Sep 18 - 25 2022


All Day




Osho Afroz
Lesvos Island, Eressos, Osho Afroz
Ecstatic Radiance


Ecstatic Radiance


  • kaifi
  • Mridu

    Mridu has been born in Greece. In 2007 he discovered Meditation, Osho & Alternative Therapies. He fell in love with the conscious way of living and working with people.
    He is the founder of the Ecstatic Dance Greece, ED for him is a way to use music & movement as a vehicle to open the body mind and access deeper spaces of consciousness, joy, presence & healing. A beautiful way to transform the individual conditioned human into a holistic individual.

    Today Mridu’s approach in life is the way of the heart, with meditation, dance & music, living life in the present, moment to moment in it’s natural essence and tasting all the different challenges that comes along the way.

    He has been trained in different modalities like Osho Meditative Therapies ( Mystic Rose, No Mind, Born Again ), Tantra, Biodynamic Breathwok and Trauma release, From Separation To Unity, Osho Active Meditations, Sound healing and Reiki.

    In the summers he lives in Lesvos Island, there he is part of Osho Afroz Meditation Center there he shares workshops & sessions and enjoy the commune life. The rest of the year he is traveling around the world facilitating workshops & sessions between Europe, India, Brazil & China where he meets people with different cultures connecting, playing and evolving with them.