Conscious Dance Festival – Retreat Edition

For the very first time the CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL will be presented as a special retreat edition over five magical days. And to ensure maximum relaxation it will be held at the serene OSHO Afroz Meditation Centre on the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos!

Ecstatic Radiance will be joining CDF festival with Mridu sharing Ecstatic dance along with other facilitators from all around the world.

As a five-days retreat format we will have more space to dive deeper into exploring the uplifting world of conscious dance approaches. Our team of internationally renowned facilitators will provide a diverse program of juicy styles for you to enjoy.

CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL (Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon and London) was born from the desire to use movement to reach into the very centre of our being. It is an opportunity to learn about and experience various movement practices that help us get into our bodies and from there, to open up to a more conscious life.

By dancing freely and totally, we allow ourselves to release physical and emotional tensions in a playful and simple way. This creates space for creativity, silence, joy and deep connection to oneself and to life.

The festival presents a diverse program featuring some of the many approaches to conscious movement that have emerged over recent decades, as well as an introduction to the more traditional ones. The careful curation ensures that the workshops feel like a wave of rising and falling energies, so that participants are able to enjoy each aspect to its fullest, without getting fatigued.

Our group of innovative and experienced facilitators create a supportive and nurturing space for you to move into your inner realms. The CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL is designed as a truly unique and exhilarating experience that will take you on a profound inner journey.

Give yourself the gift of being part of this deeply transformative experience!

This is a festival for everyone. No previous dance nor meditation experience required. All bodies and levels are welcome. Children are allowed on the campus yet not in the workshops.

The Blessings Festival Part 2

Dear Heart Family 💜 beloved friends,
from the bottom of our fully nourished, warm, fuzzy hearts, we would like to THANK YOU ALL for your participation in our recent ‘Blessings for the New Year’ gathering.


It feels still somewhat miraculous that all this came together so beautifully flowing within less than 3 weeks of preparation and a minimal marketing effort, yet full power heart energy from everybody who showed up, shared, presented and received in this space!


We estimate that well over 2,000 participants tuned in over the course of those magical two days – from around the world, united in heart space, together as one family.
Since the closing of this first gathering, we are still receiving many messages every day and there is a sense that this was only just the beginning…


There is also a new website dedicated to the Blessings Gathering/Festival in the making – stay tuned to hear when it’s ready!


from the Heart,
FSTU – Ecstatic Radiance Community ✨