Heart Tantra Holiday


JULY 23 – 29, 2022


Love, Meditate, Celebrate in a great company of likeminded.

Heart Tantra invite you to rejoice and recharge your batteries, combining Tantra practice and meditation with just chilling out with friends in the most magnificent beach of Lesbos island, Greece.
We’ll be staying in Osho Afroz meditation centre in the middle of nature, meditating and celebrating under the Oak tree and under the sky full of stars.


What to look forward to?


  • International community of likeminded
  • Daily Tantra and Meditation practices
  • Ecstatic Awakening Breath and Bodywork…
  • Tantric Massage
  • Tantric Parties,
  • Love Temple and Tantric rituals in the evenings!
  • Rest & beach time. Amazing Nature, crystal clear sea,
  • Healthy organic local cousin

How will our days look like?

8am – 9am Morning practice 
9am – 10am Breakfast
10am – 1pm Tantra or tantric massage session
1pm – 2pm Lunch 
2pm – 7pm Beach time, chilling
7pm – 8pm Dinner 
9pm – 11pm Tantric Party, Live concert or Rituals
11pm – Love temple


Osho meditations
Tantra Kashmiri tradition

Authentic relating

Work with inner feminine and masculine energy

Tantric massage
Ecstatic dance


Seva Prem – Tantra, Tantra massage, Dao for Men

Svarup – Sexual Deconditioning, Tantra

Abhika – Tantra, Meditation, Celebration

Kaifi – From Separation to Unity

Nisarga – Tantra Breath

Mridu – Ecstatic Dance

Premal Madina – Temple of Feminine

Asti – Conscious Touch, Osho meditations

WHEN: July 23 – 29, 2022
WHERE: Afroz Meditation Center, Lesbos, Greece

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Price does not include food and accommodation.

Accommodation prices include meals:
vegetarian with vegan options breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food and Accommodation please book directly with Afroz Meditation centre: info@oshoafroz.com

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Jul 23 - 29 2022


All Day

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More Info


Osho Afroz
Lesvos Island, Eressos, Osho Afroz
Ecstatic Dance Radiance


Ecstatic Dance Radiance
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  • Mridu

    Mridu has been born in Greece. In 2007 he discovered Meditation, Osho & Alternative Therapies. He fell in love with the conscious way of living and working with people.
    He is the founder of the Ecstatic Dance Greece, ED for him is a way to use music & movement as a vehicle to open the body mind and access deeper spaces of consciousness, joy, presence & healing. A beautiful way to transform the individual conditioned human into a holistic individual.

    Today Mridu’s approach in life is the way of the heart, with meditation, dance & music, living life in the present, moment to moment in it’s natural essence and tasting all the different challenges that comes along the way.

    He has been trained in different modalities like Osho Meditative Therapies ( Mystic Rose, No Mind, Born Again ), Tantra, Biodynamic Breathwok and Trauma release, From Separation To Unity, Osho Active Meditations, Sound healing and Reiki.

    In the summers he lives in Lesvos Island, there he is part of Osho Afroz Meditation Center there he shares workshops & sessions and enjoy the commune life. The rest of the year he is traveling around the world facilitating workshops & sessions between Europe, India, Brazil & China where he meets people with different cultures connecting, playing and evolving with them.