(From Separation To Unity) FSTU Ecstatic Dance with Mridu & Kaifi

Fstu Ecstatic
FSTU – Ecstatic Dance Radiance in Unity
A conscious meditative journey alternating Stillness & Movement incorporating body, mind & soul. A holistic structure that facilitates Breathing, Relaxing, Receiving, Remembering and owning the experience in every cell of your body with existential joy.
Using Ecstatic Dance we move through the body allowing the expression of natural body movements supported by world, tribal organic sounds and beats. When the physical body has become ecstatic, alive, joyful then the whole being is moving towards Joy & relaxation. Then space for the radiance of our infinity energy is open, the flow has started. Stillness becomes the natural outcome of body expression. Then we move into sitting relaxed in stillness.
In this space of stillness; the journey continues with a heart-focused guided journey, allowing the dynamics (of the heart) to expand and radiate a space of trust, vulnerability, and love. In this space, energy has started flowing again.
For this event, it is necessary to have video and audio so that we can see and hear you. For the Ecstatic Dance; prepare an open space so you can dance freely including movement and flow with the whole body. An external speaker connected to your laptop makes the experience better as you can have a louder sound for the dance.
For the second part make sure that you find a place where you can sit comfortably and where you will not be disturbed during this session, being considerate of the other participants’ experience as well as yours.
Please join the meeting 5 minutes before as we cannot accept participants who are late, for practical reasons. The journey will be facilitated by Kaifi (creator of FSTU) & Mridu K (creator of Ecstatic Radiance & FSTU Team member)
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This is a Free event however we welcome your loving donations at:
All donations will be used to create more awareness around these events so that more people can benefit from this process of remembrance. Our commitment is to support the unfolding of Heart Consciousness around the world.
To experience the full potential of FSTU, consider booking an individual soul-nourishing session with Kaifi or Mridu
You can find out more about Kaifi: https://www.fromseparationtounity.com/about-kaifi/
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